Morning towards Jerusalem Hill, near Sherborne in Dorset - ID: XP2176135

Having decided that the photograph I posted on my blog and website previously needed reviewing, this is the outcome.

When I took the photograph I deliberately underexposed by 1 stop. The final exposure was 1/2000 second at f/5.6, ISO 200 – the camera was set to aperture priority.

When I edited the RAW file using Lightroom I effectively negated the underexposure which I need in order to render the final image as I saw it. It is worth spending some time in order to get the image right.

So I have gone back to the unedited file and used Capture One version 10 to edit it. This is the result which I like much better. The group of trees and the hillside in the middle distance is much better as is the contrast in the sky. Of course, the final image is darker but all the better for that!

As before, click on the image in order to view a larger version.