This is going back a while as this photograph was taken ten years ago in Normandy. Flat landscapes are not normally my thing but in this instance I spotted the scene whilst walking before breakfast whilst we were staying near Bayeux.

I walked along a narrow road which dissected the field which a farmer was harrowing. It looked as though he had finished one half of the field and was concentrating on finishing the task. I could see a pattern which he had created when harrowing. I balanced my self on the edge of the road to give my self the maximum height, which was sorely needed. The morning light was perfect illuminating the furrows and showing immense detail on the horizon.

I took just one shot, hearing that load distinctive sound as the shutter fired. That was all that was needed.

By clicking on the image a larger version with more details and better colour will be displayed.

I was using my Canon 1DS Mk3 with the 24-70mm f/2.8 lens set at its widest setting.