A Living WallIt was in 2011 that I purchased a Fuji X-Pro1 camera. It was released with 3 lenses, all primes (no zooms). For some time I had been looking for a camera that was smaller and lighter than the DLSR Canon cameras that I had been using – I was using a Canon 1DS Mk 3 and a 5D Mk 2 at the time.

In 2014 I preordered the X-T1 which promised to be more suitable for the landscape photography which was a priority for me. Over the following two years I added four superb prime lens as Fuji released them.

Although  I had recently upgraded my Canon kit, I found that I normally used one of my two Fuji cameras, particularly the newer X-T1. This was due to its portability and size – I had a small Thinktank shoulder bag which accommodated the camera body, four fast primes, Lee filters, cable release and spare batteries. This was such a contrast to the camera back back which I was used to – yet without any compromise in terms of quality.

Recently the X-T2 has been released and once agin I had preordered one from Fixation. I have am using it for commercial work combined with two top quality zoom lens.

One of the first shoots where I used the X-T2 was of some ‘living walls’ which were situated on warehouse and retail  buildings – one of which is shown here. Living walls, or green walls, are self-sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to a free-standing frame or to the exterior or interior of a building.

Click on the image in order to see a larger version.

Taken with a Fujifilm X-T2 and Fujifilm XF 16-55mm F2.8 R LM WR lens.